Fishing Net Twine Twisting Machine

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  1. High speed warping machine

    30 type microcomputer control high-speed warping machine cooperation with Schneider Electric is the high performance microcomputer based on high-speed, stable, simple and accurate control and the development of control warping machine, warping the machine is mainly suitable for cotton, low elastic yarn, high elastic silk, rayon, polyacrylonitrile fiber and other fiber yarn,products widely used for all kinds of warp knitting machine.
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  2. Servo control warping machine

    301 type high precision servo control warping machine cooperate with Schneider electric company, using asynchronous servo control control technology of the original is a kind of high precision servo computer on the market at present special fine raw material and the development of the whole machine copy control. This machine is suitable for 15D-680D raw cotton, acrylic, monofilament, rayon, etc. products used in high-quality spun yarn, plain cloth, elastic high-grade fabrics etc.
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  3. Fishing Net Twisting Machine

    3. Advantage: 1) Lower waste, 2) Lower power use 3) Lower labor 4) big packing 5) High efficiency 6No oil pollution 7) Good quality
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