Fishing Net Braiding Machine

  1. The Fishing Net Braiding Machine embodies craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, and modern materials, ensuring both productivity and cost-effectiveness. Versatile across materials and applications, it incorporates top-tier net-braiding technology. User-friendly, safe, and efficient, it caters to diverse customer needs. Adaptable to various yarn types like plastic, nylon monofilament, and round monofilament, these machines boast ergonomic designs for convenient and safe operation. They're ideal for braiding different net types, saving time and requiring minimal maintenance. With a blend of innovation and reliability, Fishing Net Braiding Machines offer a comprehensive solution for net production, delivering both quality and efficiency.
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    Fishing Net Braiding Machine KBL16-4-120

    Fishing Net Braiding Machine KBL16-4-120

    Supply Ability: 100 Per Month
    Delivery Time: 30 Days
    Product Type: Fishing Net Braiding Machine
    Computerized: No
    General Use: Industrial
    Material: Other, SS
    Warranty: 1 Year
    Automatic: Yes
    Price: 4600 USD ($)/Set
  2. Wire Dividing Warping Machine

    Wire Dividing Warping Machine

    Computerized: No
    Capacity: 20 Kg/hr
    Automatic: Yes
    Product Type: 328
    Type: Wire Braiding Machine
    Weight (kg): 5 Tonne
    Material: Other
    Delivery Time: 60 Days
    Supply Ability: 20 Per Month
    Price: 10000 USD ($)/Set
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